Menu Spring/Summer 2015

Breakfast Served until 1:30pm

For gluten free bread please add 50p to menu price. Please note that gluten free bread is not vegan.


Veggie/Vegan Full English £7.50

Fried Eggs or Scrambled  tofu, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, 2 sausages and toast,  including a pot of Yorkshire tea or a cafetierre of coffee.

 Eggs Florentine with hollandaise sauce on toast (Gf option available)£5.25

 Chia seed pudding with dates, nuts, bananas and maple syrup (vegan,Gf) £5.50

 Pancakes from chickpea flour, maple syrup, bananas, butter and blueberries (vegan,Gf) £5.50

 Cheese with baked beans on toast (vegan and Gf options available)£4.50

Scrambled tofu on toast (vegan)£4.75

Cheese on toast (vegan option available)£4.00

Baked beans on toast (vegan, Gf option available)£4.00

Porridge oats with topping choices of maple syrup, bananas, mixed seeds with milk choices available, dairy, soya, almond,oat or coconut(Gf option available)£3.50 including 1 topping  #extra toppings please add 50p

Toast with jam and butter/peanut butter/almond butter/ soya spread (vegan and gf options available) £2.25

Toasted teacake with butter/peanut butter/almond butter/soya spread and jam (vegan option available)£2.25



Organic freshly made bread in Granary, White or Pitta  add 50p for  Organic Foccaccia bread

For gluten free bread please add 50p to menu price. Please note that gluten free bread is not vegan. Please check which sandwich fillings are Gluten Free when ordering.


1.       HLT, Halloumi, lettuce and tomato (gf) £4.95

2.       TLT, Tofu, lettuce and tomato (vegan) £4.95

3.       SLT, Sausage, Lettuce and tomato (vegan)£4.95

4.       Guacamole (homemade), spiced carrot chutney and spinach. (vegan, gf)£4.95

5.       Chickpea ‘Tuna’ Salad (homemade) with cucumber. (vegan,gf)£4.95

6.       Mozzarrella , pesto of the day(homemade) and tomato(gf, vegan option available) £4.95

7.       Roast vegetables and hummus of the day(homemade)  (vegan,gf) £4.95

       Soup £4.75

Freshly made soup of the day served with organic bread and spread.

All our soup is gluten free and vegan. For gluten free bread please add 50p extra please note our gluten free bread is not vegan.


 Soup and a Sandwich deal,

Small soup and a full sandwich (from above choice) £7.25



Burger with American Slaw. (Vegan) £7.95

A healthy  burger made with sweet potatoes and chickpeas served with American style low fat raw slaw, kale crisps, carrot chutney and salad, served in organic bread muffin  (burger contains walnuts and sesame seeds).

Raw option available and gluten free option available


 Yellow Thai Curry (Vegan &GF) £7.95

Medium spiced curry with fresh chillies, ginger, coriander, mushrooms, yellow peppers, spinach, lime, coconut milk and seasonal vegetables, served with stir fried broccoli, ginger and steamed white rice (contains sesame seeds, coconut milk)


Sumptuous  Burrito (Vegan) £7.95

Flat bread tortilla filled with a rich black bean & vegetable  chilli and rice, served with refried beans, guacamole, fresh lime  and dressed salad (contains walnuts and celery) Gluten Free option available and dairy cheese option available.



 Russian Salad (Vegan)£7.50

 Mock tuna mayo made with chickpeas, vegan mayonnaise, seaweed, dill and lemon, mixed with boiled potatoes on a bed of lettuce served with sourdough bread and garden peas (contains celery) Gluten free option available.


 Quinoa Salad (Vegan, Gf)£7.50

Quinoa grain rich in amino acids, mixed with  chilled roast vegetables, onions, cucumber, fresh mint with a salsa verdi mustard dressing.

Vegan and Gluten free.


Sides £2.50 each

Potato wedges/ Potato Bravas , Olives, Green Salad, American Slaw, Kale Crisps.


 Mezza , comes with pitta bread, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a side salad.

Choose from items below


 4 items £7.50 5 items  £8.50 or £2.50 each


Kale crisps (ve,gf,raw, contains nuts)

Hummus of the day (ve,gf, contains sesame)

Potato wedges/potato bravas ( (ve,gf)

Guacamole (ve,gf,raw)

American slaw (ve,gf,raw contains sesame)

Olives (ve,gf,raw)

Marinated  halloumi (ve,gf)

Mini  Mock Tuna Russian salad (ve,gf, contains celery)

Roasted seasonal vegeratables (ve,gf)


In the Raw

Raw food is prepared at temperatures below 45 degrees to preserve the goodness of the nutrients. All Raw Dishes are Vegan and Gluten Free.


Raw Mediterranean Salad. (Vegan, Gf) £7.95

Fresh strawberries, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrot slaw, mixed with seeds, sprouted seeds and nuts on a bed of oak leaf lettuce and micro salad with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing(contains nuts, sesame seeds)


Raw Super Burger.  £8.75

Tasty burger made from dehydrated pulped seasonal vegetables, mixed with lemon, garlic, tahini and turmeric, coated in sesame and pumpkin seeds, served with carrot slaw and kale crisps and a dressed side salad.




Pot of Yorkshire Tea £1.60

Fresh Leaf Teas all £2.75

Fresh loose tea served in tea pots with a flask of hot water. Enough for 2 or leisurely for 1.

Green Teas

Tieguanyin Oolong 

(full bodied green tea, also known as iron goddess of mercy)

Wild Purple Puer Bud

(sun dried green tea, picked from old wild trees)

Jasmine Pearl

(green tea with jasmine flowers)

Silver Needle White Tea

(Silver Needles are made from closed, downy tea leaves

that are picked just before they open in spring.) 

White Monkey

A subtle green tea. The new growth leaves are picked early morning and are the first two leaves and bud that are picked from the plant.

Green Tea with Ginseng, ginger and pineapple

All the above blended with sencha green tea


Black Teas

Earl Grey with Blue Flower

 (Indian leaf tea with blue cornflower petals and bergamot)

Russian Caravan

A blend of Oolong, Keemun, and Lapsang Souchong  tea. A good strong black tea

English Breakfast Tea

(42%Assam 58%Tanzanian , fair trade whole black leaf)

Mango Tango

Black tea with sweet mango pieces and marigold flowers


Herbal Teas

Chamomille Flowers

(100% chamomile blossom, calming and soothing

Lemongrass and ginger

With a subtle hint of peppermint and liquorice.

Apple loves mint

Rosebuds with papaya chunks with sweet apple and mint. Caffine free.

Chrysanthenum flowers

Pure chrysanthemum flowers which has a slight liquorice flavour.

 ( 100%flowers, slighty, spicey notes)

Organic Rooibos

(naturally caffine free, woody flavour with

honey notes)

Red Berry

(blackberry, strawberry, raspberry ,apple, rosehip,



Red Sage


Lemon Verbena

Whole Peppermint Leaf


Coffee by Grumpy Mule

Grumpy Mule Fair trade Colombian Coffee

Cafetierre for 1, £2.00    Cafetierre for 2, £4.00

Espresso single shot £1.20

Espresso double shot £1.70

Small Cappuccino (1 shot espresso) £1.80

 Large Cappuccino (2 shots of espresso) £2.10, add 50p extra for soya milk

Latte (2 shots of espresso)£2.20 ,add 50p extra for soya milk

Mocha £2.50

Decaffinated available too.


Hot Chocolate £2.75 with soya milk add 50p.


We use Organic milks including dairy, almond, oat, coconut or soya. Soya Milk in Lattes, cappuccinos and hot chocolate add 50p.



Served Chilled

Breckland Orchard (275ml) £2.25

Award winning Posh Pop

Made from Norfolk spring water with a dash of sparkle,

no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners


Ginger Beer with Chilli

Pear & Elderflower

Strawberry & Rhubarb

Dandelion &Burdock

Cloudy Lemonade/Pink Lemonade

Plum and Cherry

Cream Soda with a splash of Rhubarb


Folkingtons Juices (250ml)

100%natural not from concentrate

Cloudy Apple

Mango Juice Nectar

Premium Orange Juice





Decantae Mineral Water(330ml) £1.50 (still or sparkling)

Low in heavy metals and salts. Decantae is bottled in glass at its source

in the beautiful Snowdonia foothills, once inhabited by the

ancient Celtic tribe from which it takes its name.


Organic Coconut Water

100% pure organic coconut water



Iced Drinks

1.       Iced Green Tea, agave syrup optional. £2.50

2.       Iced Coffee with agave syrup and milk (dairy, almond, coconut mik) £2.50 for soya milk add 50p


Smoothies, Juices & Shakes

1.       Banana shake blended with milk (dairy, almond,soya,coconut mik) £2.50

2.       Banana, blueberries and spinach blended with milk(dairy, almond,soya,coconut mik) £3.00

3.       Strawberry shake with agave syrup (optional) and milk(dairy, almond,soya,coconut mik).  £3.00

4.       Green Goddess, Spinach, cucumber, apple and mint blended together. £3.50

5.       Fresh  Juices  see chalk board menu £3.50



Sweet Treats

Raw Deserts (ve,gf,n)

Raw ‘Cheesecake’ £4.50 per slice

Please ask for the specials of the week as these vary.

No added refined sugars, using only fruits, nuts, herbs and natural nut butters.


If you’d like to order a full raw cheesecake please speak to a member of staff to place an order. It will take 24 hours to make. 10’’ size raw ‘cheese’ cake £45. Please note that all our raw cheesecakes are vegan and gluten free, they do however contain nuts. If you have any special dietry requirements when ordering a cheesecake then please let a staff member know.


Baked Deserts (ve)


We bake many of our own cakes and biscuits on the premises, these vary from week to week. All of our cakes biscuits are vegan unless stated otherwise. We also bake Gluten Free treats too. If you’d like to order a full cake please speak to a member of staff to place an order. A full vegan cake made to order is £15, full vegan gluten free cake is £18.