Customers with allergies or dietary preferences, should inform their server when ordering and check ingredients with them.


Served until 1:30pm

For gluten free bread please add 50p to menu price.

Please note that gluten free bread is not vegan.


Full English £6.95 includes tea or coffee (ve option)

Soya sausages, eggs, tomato, mushrooms, beans and toast.

*Vegan option-scrambled tofu


Eggs Florentine £4.75

Toasted breakfast muffin with poached egg, sauted spinach and mushrooms.


Porridge £3.00 (ve option)

Organic porridge oats made with soya milk/almond milk/coconut milk or dairy milk choice of  honey, maple syrup, fruit jam or bananas


Muesli £2.75 (ve option, n)

Made with soya milk/almond milk/coconut milk or dairy milk.


Toast or Teacake £1.75 (ve option, gf option)

Bread of your choice with any of the following toppings- butter, vegan spread, jam, marmalade or honey.


Beans on toast £3.50 (ve option, gf option)


Cheese on toast £3.50 (ve option, gf option)


Beans and cheese on toast £4.00 (ve option, gf option)


Cinnamon Muffin £3.00 (ve)

Toasted cinnamon breakfast muffin with bananas.



Organic freshly made bread in Granary, White,Focaccia,Pitta

Gluten free bread is also available 50p extra (not vegan)

Please check which sandwich fillings are Gluten free, gf

Roast Veg and Houmous £4.25 (ve, filling is gf)

HLT (Halloumi, Lettuce & Tomato) £4.25 (filling is gf)

TLT (Like the HLT but with Tofu) £4.25 (ve)

                Bean Pate, Harissa, cucumber, tom, onion £4.25 (ve,gf)

Basil pesto, Tomato & Mozzarella £4.25 (vegan option, filling is gf)

Sausage & Sauce £4.00 (ve, filling is gf)

Cheddar Cheese & Chutney £4.00 (Vegan Option, filling is gf)



Soup and a Sandwich

Soup of the day (ve and gf) with any sandwich above £6.50


Freshly made soup of the day served with organic bread and spread. £4.25

All our soup is gluten free and vegan. For gluten free bread please add 50p extra. Our gluten free bread is currently not vegan.




Autumnal Pie (ve)£6.95

Herby Squash and bean pie in short crust pastry, accompanied with garlic greens, herbed sautéed potatoes and gravy.

Jambalaya  (ve,gf)£6.95

Spiced mixed seasonal vegetables stewed in coconut milk rice. Served with Cajun patties. Think Mediterranean meets the Carribean.

Dhal  (ve, gf available on request)£6.95

Indian  lentils and  vegetable stew served with flat bread, Asian slaw, red cabbage, carrot and spring onion, chilli dressing.


Garden Rolls with miso soup (ve,gf,n)£6.95

Rice rolls filled with smoked tofu, spinach, courgette, thai basil, shredded vegetables with sweet chilli dipping sauce and peanut teriaki dipping sauce. Served with miso soup and courgette noodles.


Thai Noodles (ve,gf,n)£6.95

Spiralized courgette, rice noodles with stir fried vegetables, crushed peanuts in a sweet chilli sauce.


Mezze (ve option, gf option)

Served with pitta/ foccaccia/granary/white

Choose from the list below

4 Items £6.00

5 Items £6.95

Additional Items £1.50

Stuffed Vine Leaves (ve,gf)

Marinated Halloumi (gf)

Olives (ve,gf)

 Hummus (ask for today’s homemade variety (ve, gf)

Roast Vegetables (ve,gf)

Herbed Sauteed Potatoes (ve,gf)

Home made pickled vegetables (ve,gf)

Cajun Patties (spiced beans) (ve,n,gf)


Winter Mediterranean Salad. (gf, ve option) £6.95

Sweet potato, roast vegetables, olives,salad leaves, paprika & balsamic dressing. Bread optional on request.


Greek Salad (gf, ve option) £6.95

Red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, green leaves, Halloumi cheese with lime and chilli dressing. Bread optional on request.


Asian  Salad (ve,gf,n) £6.95

Spiralized courgette, smoked tofu, pickled  carrot, thai basil, thai green leaves & peanut dressing.



Raw food is prepared at temperatures below 45 degrees to preserve the goodness of the nutrients. All Raw Dishes are Vegan and Gluten Free.


Mediterranean Vine Leaves(ve,gf,n) £7.95

Stuffed vine leaves with a mint cashew aioli, sundried tomato cauliflower cous cous, greek salad with Mediterranean dressing.


Vegetable Skewers (ve,gf,n)£7.95

Broccoli Kofta, seasonal vegetables on skewers. Served with Asian slaw and sprouted mung bean salad, chilli lime dressing


Raw Deserts (ve,gf,n)

Raw ‘Cheesecake’ £4.95 per slice

Please ask for the specials of the week as these vary.

No added refined sugars, using only fruits, nuts, herbs and natural nut butters.

If you’d like to order a full raw cheesecake please speak to a member of staff to place an order. It will take 24 hours to make. 10’’ size raw ‘cheese’ cake £45.


Baked Deserts (ve)

We bake many of our own cakes and biscuits on the premises, these vary from week to week. All of our cakes biscuits are vegan unless stated otherwise. We also bake Gluten Free treats too. If you’d like to order a full cake please speak to a member of staff to place an order.

Ve = vegan

gf= Gluten free

n= contains nuts



Served Chilled

Folkingtons Juices (250ml) £1.90

100%natural not from concentrate

Cloudy Apple

Mango Juice Nectar

Premium Orange Juice


Frobishers natural Juices(250ml) £1.90

Gold Star Award winning juices 100% natural

Bumble berry (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry)


Breckland Orchard (275ml) £2.00

Award winning Posh Pop

Made from Norfolk spring water with a dash of sparkle,

no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

Ginger Beer with Chilli

Pear & Elderflower

Strawberry & Rhubarb

Dandelion &Burdock

Cloudy Lemonade/Pink Lemonade

Plum and Cherry

Cream Soda with a splash of Rhubarb

Decantae Mineral Water(330ml)

£1.50 (still or sparkling)

Low in heavy metals and salts. Decantae is bottled (glass bottles) at its source

in the beautiful Snowdonia foothills once inhabited by the

ancient Celtic tribe from which it takes its name.

Organic Coconut Water £1.99

100% pure organic coconut water


Smoothies, Juices & Shakes

Green Goddess Smoothie- Kale, cucumber, apple & mint £3.00

The Ginger Zinger- Apple, carrot & ginger juice £3.00

Dream Shakes-£2.00

 Banana or Chocolate milk shakes (soya milk/almond milk/coconut milk or dairy milk)



Grumpy Mule Fair Trade Colombian Coffee

Cafetierre  for 1, £2.00    Cafetierre  for 2, £4.00

Decafinated available too.

Now serving Espresso Coffee, Cappuccinos and Lattes using North Star Coffee (see blackboard)

We use Organic milks including dairy, almond, coconut or soya

Hot Chocolate with option of dairy or vegan

Warm and cosy £2.75


Organic Fresh Leaf Teas All £2.75 (See blackboard)

Served in tea pots with a flask of hot water

Enough for 2 people or a nice leisurely drink for 1.


Pot of Yorkshire Tea £1.60